[time-nuts] Achieving maximum performance when driving 5370A/Binputs

Ed Palmer ed_palmer at sasktel.net
Sun Feb 28 09:17:00 UTC 2010

A few months ago I bought an HP 8647A signal generator that had the 
plastic shaft of an optical encoder sheared off at the bushing.  I had 
to take the encoder apart and graft an aluminum shaft onto the stub of 
the plastic one.  To my amazement, it worked!


Don Latham wrote:
> I've fixed shafts like this carefully with plastic swizzle sticks and 
> super glue. Did I say carefully? a little dab'll do ya...
> Don
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>> If it's the one that I think it is...  look closely at the photo.  
>> The shafts on two of the pots are sheared off at the panel.   These 
>> are the display update control and the external arming level 
>> control.   These were custom HP pots with a funky (and delicate)  
>> switch.  They had brittle plastic shafts.    Gee,  how do I know 
>> this...  could it be that a large percentage of the 5370's for sale 
>> have the same defect?
>> Luckily those controls are not too critical for normal operation.  
>> They can be replaced with regular (switchless) pots if you jumper the 
>> switch pads correctly.  Be careful,  there were two different layouts 
>> to those controls.
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>> So exactly how did you know that I bought a (cheap) 5370B a few hours 
>> ago on the e-place
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