[time-nuts] White LED's

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Sat Jan 30 22:05:56 UTC 2010

Oh I am certain that they can measure the losses, especially today.

I disagree that harvesting the fields from a hundred feet away is
theft, though.  Especially if it is on your own property.

The easements on my property give the power companies the right
to come onto the property and maintain the lines, but they say
nothing about giving them the right to immerse my property in
high flux AC fields.  They were written in a less technical era,
but they are still in force.

-Chuck Harris

Max Robinson wrote:
> I remember hearing about a law suit in an engineering law class I had to 
> take way back when.  It seems a farmer had a long fence running under 
> and parallel to a high tension distribution line.  He had hidden a 
> copper line in it and was harvesting enough power to operate most of his 
> farm buildings. This amounted to a measurable loss from the distribution 
> line and the power company found him out and sued.  The court ruled he 
> had to pay for power used in the past and stop getting his power that 
> way.  Considering the source I don't think this is an urban legend.
> Regards.
> Max.  K 4 O D S.

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