[time-nuts] More from the obsolete gps file: oncore nmea

Art Sepin art at synergy-gps.com
Tue Jun 1 21:46:16 UTC 2010

Hi, Folks,

Here are a few things that are intended to correct some statements in this thread:

1. There was a mistake in the Motorola GT+/UT+ Users Guide TRM0003 that was never corrected. Chapter 6 Table 6.2 lists the "Switch to NMEA" @@Ci command as being included for both the GT+ and the UT+ when, in fact, it is only available for the GT+ navigation receiver. I have never seen a UT+ output NMEA messages but it was a possibility if the NMEA code was inadvertently switched on at the factory. In that case, NMEA would be available but "unsupported."

2. It's true that the Motorola designed/produced M12+ Timing receiver did not output NMEA messages. But, NMEA messages ARE and HAVE BEEN included in the Motorola designed M12M OEM GPS timing receivers produced for our distribution since 2006 by iLotus of Singapore (one of SiRF's Value Added Manufacturers). 

3. Synergy Systems, LLC ceased our reflashing service for Motorola Oncore receivers on June 22 of 2005; the date Motorola sold its GPS receiver division to SiRF Technologies of San Jose, CA.

Since 1999 we have supplied either low-cost or no-cost OEM GPS receivers to various, educational endeavors, including Ham Radio, through our GPS for Scholars program at this link:
If we don't have appropriate legacy sample boards available at the moment of need, we will supply a current model of the needed part at an educational discount of 10%. 

In the case of the balloon application, I've determined that we have a GT+ and an M12+ navigation receiver in our engineering lab. We are willing to donate both parts at no charge to the project - recipient pays for shipping/duty, etc. (freight collect). If interested, please respond directly to art @ synergy-gps.com with your full name and address details + shipping instructions.

Thanks & Regards,

Art Sepin
Synergy Systems, LLC
San Diego, CA


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Given the interests of the list, I think that you can easily find a member who will swap a navigation receiver by your timing GT+. Or you can buy one from China in the usual site.  Cheaper than flashing yours at Synergy, I think.
I have a UT+ which fortunately outputs both formats, so I´m served.

Ignascio, EB4APL

Brian Kirby wrote:
> You may contact Synergy and see if they can flash your current 
> receiver.  If not, they use to also have used/return receivers available.
> normn3ykf at stny.rr.com wrote:
>> Said,
>> Thanks!! I found that after a while fishing around in the manual. 
>> Synergy used to be able to flash the M12+t to an a positioning 
>> receiver which does support nmea.
>> Bad news is that all of the oncores that I have are of a firmware 
>> that doesn't support nmea, either.
>> Perusing the manual for the oncores, there is a programming pin. Not 
>> sure how it's used or if it can be done outside of a factory. Would 
>> be slick to be able to update the firmware!
>> Have fun,
>> Norm
>> ---- SAIDJACK at aol.com wrote:
>>> Hi Norm,
>>> not sure if someone discussed this before, but he M12+ and M12M 
>>> timing  receivers do not support NMEA output, just Motorola binary 
>>> format.
>>> Motorola disabled this feature on the timing versions of the 
>>> receivers,  presumably for marketing reasons, or maybe to make 
>>> firmware regression testing  easier.
>>> bye,
>>> Said
>>> In a message dated 5/31/2010 11:27:01 Pacific Daylight Time, 
>>> lous at xs4all.nl  writes:
>>> Hi  all!!
>>> Trying to get a gt+ setup(also tried one of my m12+t's) as a  nmea 
>>> receiver. @@Ci does not work. Did form the string correctly. Tried 
>>> it with tac32, used Labview to send the hex string.
>>> Receiver ignores it and  continues to send moto bin at 9600..
>>> Any ideas??
>>> Want to use this for a  balloon flight with aprs. Good news is that 
>>> we want to launch Friday, so  it's not too pressing.
>>> Norm  n3ykf
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