[time-nuts] On the E - A Spectracom 8164

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Wed Jun 2 22:03:44 UTC 2010

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ISTR we  had one of those (or a close relative) in the Tek Dayton Svc Ctr
back in  the late 70s-early 80s.  It always scares me a bit when a cal
lab  sells off stuff as parts/repair rather than just fixing it.   Gotta
wonder what parts are unobtanium. 

I don't recall there being anything in the 8164 that's impossible to  find, 
all reasonably common components and the complete A4 output board is very  
similar, perhaps identical, to the A4 board in the 8140  distribution amp.
I suspect it's more a case of what's financially worthwhile, if they  
haven't got a matching antenna for example it starts to be a pain acquiring or  
building one when they might not consider there's much potential profit in it 
A possible "gotcha" though might be if the internal lead acid batteries  
have been neglected and have leaked.
Aside from the above, the 8164 is a nicely made unit and I've been  
promising myself for ages that I'll knock up an antenna and see how mine  performs 
with MSF in the UK, but, as usual, I haven't gotten round to it  either:-)
As far as I know the manual is still available on the Spectracom web site  
but if not I've got versions 3.0 and 3.1 and happy to share.

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