[time-nuts] Z3816a

Rex rexa at sonic.net
Sat Jun 5 02:05:16 UTC 2010

Robert Benward wrote:
> Hi All,
> Is there any downside to a model Z3816A?  I also see a Z3815A on Ebay, but 
> the connector arrangement is not attractive.  Does anyone have a link to a 
> comparison chart between all these models? 

I don't have any experience with the 3815, but I have had a Z3816A for 
several years and like it. The multiple outputs were one thing I liked 
about it.

I also modified mine to convert the 4 -- 19.6608 MHz outputs into 10 MHz 
TTL square outputs. So now mine has 2- 10 MHz sine, 4- 10 MHz square, 
and 4- 1 PPS outputs.

Description of the conversion can be found here:

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