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I have Z3816A's and TBolt's.  Both do a great job.  For the TBolt, I use
TBoltMon.exe to monitor and for the Z3816A, I use SatStat.  The Z3816A
requires a 'null modem' adapter or an appropriately wired serial cable to
connect to the serial port of the computer where as the TBolt uses a
straight serial cable.

The only potential advantage of the Z3815A that I know of is the fact that
it uses the E1938A oscillator.  I have a couple of these oscillators and
they are superior in performance.  However, I have no firsthand knowledge of
performance of the Z3816A versus the Z3815A.

The Z3816A and the TBolt tracks up to 8 satellites.  The Z3816A also tells
you what other satellites are under consideration but are not being tracked,
perhaps up to 8 other non-used satellites.  I have at most seen the Z3816A
refer to a total of 11 satellites (8 tracked and 3 not tracked) but my
antenna is not in an ideal location.  I do not know about the Z3815A.  The
Z3805A tracks up to 12 satellites, if I recall correctly, and probably
should also be included in the comparison list if you are looking for a

The Z3816A comes in at least two variants, one powered by a DC supply (I use
30 VDC for mine) and the other powered by 120 VAC.  I don't know about the

Good luck,


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Hi All,
Is there any downside to a model Z3816A?  I also see a Z3815A on Ebay, but 
the connector arrangement is not attractive.  Does anyone have a link to a 
comparison chart between all these models? 
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