[time-nuts] Loran C TOA change

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+/- 300 ns is doing quite well with a 2000C. How far are you from the
SOUSTONS station? 

At least here in the US, they sometimes would do odd things to the slaves on
a given chain. Chain masters always *seemed* to less likely to have strange
jumps in them.


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Thanks to a smart member of this group, I am being able to receive
consistently the SOUSTONS X-Ray slave of the European LESSAY (6731)
chain with my Austron 2000C.

After more than a week of continuous 1PPS phase comparaison between
my TBolt and Soustons, with an absolute maximum deviation of +-0.3 uS,
I noticed yesterday, 2010 June 09, a jump of -4.7 uS. The event exact
epoch was not recorded.The new phase stills.

I would like to understand the reason for that jump:

- Was there some system time correction introduced?
- Who in Europe is in charge of maintaining the chains?

Your comments and information would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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