[time-nuts] Loran C TOA change

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Fri Jun 11 09:14:50 UTC 2010

Hello all,

the master Loran C from Lessay is maintained by french navy.
It is impossible to get any information about the state and/or 
So the most infos i have come from ...the web!
But the master of master clocks, is standins in Brest (french navy) and 
participate to the elaboration of UTC, so we can follow from time to time 
(!) the state.
For the  -4,7  us, i have no info.
 RQ:   I am waiting for an Austron 2100F with impatience!

(50 km from Lessay)

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> Hello!
> Thanks to a smart member of this group, I am being able to receive
> consistently the SOUSTONS X-Ray slave of the European LESSAY (6731)
> chain with my Austron 2000C.
> After more than a week of continuous 1PPS phase comparaison between
> my TBolt and Soustons, with an absolute maximum deviation of +-0.3 uS,
> I noticed yesterday, 2010 June 09, a jump of -4.7 uS. The event exact
> epoch was not recorded.The new phase stills.
> I would like to understand the reason for that jump:
> - Was there some system time correction introduced?
> - Who in Europe is in charge of maintaining the chains?
> Your comments and information would be very much appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Antonio
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