[time-nuts] Galvanic decoupling of GPS antenna

Robert Benward rbenward at verizon.net
Fri Jun 18 17:25:00 UTC 2010

Rated for 1400V from CENTER conductor to shield, not shield to the outside. 
If you choose to use RG-58 with 250V on the shield then you will need to put 
the entire cable inside conduit.  It is not acceptable to have any type of 
exposed mounting.


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> Robert Benward wrote:
>> I don't think the shield is rated for +/-250V, and I'm not sure I would
>> want to handle RG-58 with 250V on the shield.    If you do this, use
>> triax cable and ground the outter shield, and make sure the breaker can
>> interrupt the fault current (if the fault currrent is in the hundreds,
>> or even tens of Amps then this would not be a good idea).
>> Bob
> Sure it is.. It's almost certainly rated to 300V (most all wire is), and
> probably higher.  Recalling that RG-58 doesn't really describe a
> specific kind of cable or construction (especially these days.. what you
> get is "RG-58 type")
> But looking at the data sheet for Belden 9310 (the first RG-58 that
> popped up on Belden's website), I see a max operating voltage of 1400V
> (and the 50V rating as well.. for UL uses, but that's a sort of bogus
> number, designed to fit in a particular regulatory category.. kind of
> like ICs with TID limits of 300kRad, the limit for non-export controlled
> datasheets)
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