[time-nuts] Advantages & Disadvantages of the TPLL Method

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> Well,  Mr. Smartypants, the difference here is that his Snake Oil has
> been proven  to work. I don't particularly care how the thing works
> mathematically, I'm  more interested in the results. If you want to get
> bogged down in the nitty  gritty instead of looking at the big picture
> then you are the one loosing  out here.
> A respected member of this list carried out tests of this  TPLL
> implementation against a $$$$ expensive piece of equipment and  found
> it produced very similar results over an expected range of  usability
> with a lot of different DUT and spending a month doing it. Stop  trying
> to extract stuff out of Warren that he has already said he is  unable
> to give you. He is an amateur experimental engineer (no  offence
> intended Warren) and as such doesn't have, or need, to understand  this
> stuff mathematically or in the secret special language that only  the
> professional engineering gods know. He has something you don't  have,
> he has a $10 gadgit that produces results that are easily good  enough
> for many on this list. So it looks like your the looser  here!
> --------------------
> Whilst it's possible you might have been blessed with inner  secrets hidden
> from us mere mortals, it would seem much more likely  that you're just
> droning the mantras of the master.

Your banter answers nothing.

> And if "I got my G8 before you" is in any way important to  you, then I
> find that really sad.

Did I really have to include a smiley on that one to another Brit.


> Over and out
> Nigel
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