[time-nuts] crystal oscillators & TPLL

Dick Moore richiem at hughes.net
Wed Jun 23 23:26:06 UTC 2010

@ Steve Rooke --  Warren and I have had correspondence in the past about other things, and I was very interested in his TPLL implementation. Someone in the thread had asked Warren if he would supply a schematic diagram of his particular set-up. I never saw an answer to that, so I asked too. Warren essentially refused, indicating that everything I whould need, if I was competent to understand it, was already posted or available and that if that wasn't enough, I probably shouldn't be messing with it. 

After several rounds of me asking and Warren being dismissive, I gave up. I'm not sure if Warren thinks there is something commercially valuable here and is protecting his baby, or what, but his flat refusal to provide a detailed view of his experimental set-up is hard to understand. I asked in good faith and got nowhere. So, I'm just a bystander. If you understand his experimental set-up, or if you have a working version of your own, it would help me a lot if you could provide more details about parts and pieces.

Dick Moore

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> Bob,
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>> It is admirable that you stick up for Warren. ?Part of Warren's problem is
> Now, let's please get this straight, I have been trying to act as a
> facilitator in all of this because I believe that I know what the ral
> problem is here and perhaps we will touch upon that a bit later.

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