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On 24 June 2010 11:26, Dick Moore <richiem at hughes.net> wrote:
> @ Steve Rooke --  Warren and I have had correspondence in the past about other things, and I was very interested in his TPLL implementation. Someone in the thread had asked Warren if he would supply a schematic diagram of his particular set-up. I never saw an answer to that, so I asked too. Warren essentially refused, indicating that everything I whould need, if I was competent to understand it, was already posted or available and that if that wasn't enough, I probably shouldn't be messing with it.

I can understand exactly what you say here and can only say that you
need to look at what has happened with this whole topic since the time
Warren first introduced his TPLL implementation to this list. I know
it doesn't sound helpful but if you had placed yourself in Warren's
shoes you may understand things better. I'm not going to expand this
further but Warren is considerably frustrated over the whole matter
and this is a combination of a considerable amount of dirty water that
has flowed under the bridge. He worked hard for quite some time to
develop his TPLL implementation and thought he was offering something
of value when he published it here. Unfortunately it was picked to
pieces in a rabid manner and dismissed by certain quarters. This
seemed like an anathema to him as this was just like looking the gift
horse in the mouth and it has all been down-hill from there. I'm not
saying anything here than you can see from looking at all the postings
here and reading between the lines (it takes very little reading
between the lines). Unfortunately you have experienced the proverbial
rabbit stuck in the middle of the headlights here.

> After several rounds of me asking and Warren being dismissive, I gave up. I'm not sure if Warren thinks there is something commercially valuable here and is protecting his baby, or what, but his flat refusal to provide a detailed view of his experimental set-up is hard to understand. I asked in good faith and got nowhere. So, I'm just a bystander. If you understand his experimental set-up, or if you have a working version of your own, it would help me a lot if you could provide more details about parts and pieces.

No, I do not believe that Warren has been looking at this from a
commercial perspective at all. I think the reluctance to publish at
component level is the concern that it will be set upon by a bunch of
rabid dogs each saying pointing out "errors" in the design or
suggestions of how it could be done much better. These would likely be
phrased in a way as to put down the poster as history has proved this
to be correct. It is therefore not considered to be very rewarding to
perform this step, unless, of course, you enjoy plunging your fist
into boiling oil just to get that smell of fried bacon.

I'm in danger of loosing the trust that I have built up with Warren if
I write more but I think that I'm not saying anything here than can be
read from the hundreds of posting on this topic.

Best regards,

> Best,
> Dick Moore
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>> Bob,
>> On 23 June 2010 15:13, Robert Benward <rbenward at verizon.net> wrote:
>>> Steve,
>>> It is admirable that you stick up for Warren. ?Part of Warren's problem is
>> Now, let's please get this straight, I have been trying to act as a
>> facilitator in all of this because I believe that I know what the ral
>> problem is here and perhaps we will touch upon that a bit later.
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