[time-nuts] hp10811-60111 on ebay

Steve Rooke sar10538 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 29 14:10:03 UTC 2010

On 30 June 2010 01:17, Attila Kinali <attila at kinali.ch> wrote:
> On Wed, 30 Jun 2010 00:17:53 +1200
> Steve Rooke <sar10538 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> So it goes without saying that you really don't know what you have
>> unless you can test it in some way. It's OK looking at a table of what
>> someone else has tested for their 10811 but that doesn't mean yours is
>> exactly the same.
> And now the big question is, how do i test such an
> oscillator? I dont have any high precision counter
> avilable at all. And i dont want to spend the money
> for a measurement service (for the same money, i
> could buy a good oscillator new). Or is there
> anyone new Switzerland who has such equipment who
> would measure oscillators for me?

I seem to remember some discussions on a lost cost test instrument,
which would give "good enough: results, on this list very recently.
That would be the sort of gadget which would allow you to compare what
ocxo devices you have. If you have a dedicated spectrum analyser that
would allow you to look directly at phase-nose. There are a number of
ways to determine such "quality" measurements and not all of them
require a hefty outlay in test equipment. I wonder what you are trying
to achieve with your search for a good ocxo as this may indicate what
path is best for you.


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