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 Ha! Ok,sorry for misunderstanding.
I am working jus now in understanding what can be my best reference to use as reference in ADEV measuring.
My test set is an HP53132a counter national interface and I am currently using the KE5Fx time interval anlysis software.
I have in my shack 3 GPSDO HPZ3016, HPZ3805, Trimble and others and as OCXO have a very good AN-URQ23.
The trouble is to identify the best reference I have, for short and long stability.

Measuring Z3816 vs URQ23 i can measure 2.17E-10 at 1 sec, 2.59E-11 at 10 sec and 8.8E-12 at 100 sec. Looking the URQ manual the stability have to be 2E-12 at 1 and 10 sec, 3E-12 at 100 sec. All the source are warmed up fron several days.

The HP gps use an MTI 260 series oscillator double oven. Looking the datasheet is better than the HP 10811.

Some idea?


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> "If you want to walk far, walk together" so, the best solution is to 
> buy a surplus ocxo calibrated. May be some frquency standard hobbist 
> have one for you. The 10811 sometime is sold with a small board with a 
> frequency divider to 1MHz and a trimmer to fine tuning it.

The callibration itself is not important. That's what i have the GPS vor.
As Steve said, the important thing is the ADEV.

> I remember you the 10811 need a Ps voltage of 12 and 24 vdc.

The power supply will be designed according to the needs of the circuit :-)

> If you buy a new one You willnot  receive it calibrated because the DC 
> external control is not included.
> Where do you live? May be some ham close tu you can help you.

I live in Switzerland.

			Attila Kinali

If you want to walk fast, walk alone.
If you want to walk far, walk together.
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