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I'm also running weather display: http://home.comcast.net/~weatherbox/wxsc/wx.html 

I don't know an easy way to automagically sync the Davis clock with the tbolt other than what WD offers (LH and WD are hosted on the same Windows box, and LH whacks the clock on that box). I make sure the rain gauge is clear a few times a year. I don't have a problem with feathered visitors leaving samples in my rain gauge -- the other antennas on the roof, a discone on one mast and an eggbeater on the other, don't offer comfortable perches. Not as comfortable as the 70 foot tree across the street -- which is mostly in the due North blank spot, or the other large trees nearby. But a two-story house and an elevation mask of at least 20 degrees make those trees not an issue as far as GPS signals are concerned. 

73 de Bob K6RTM in Silicon Valley 


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Don't get me started on my Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2 with "BIRDS"... 
and the rain bucket! ;) How many times have you cleaned yours out this 
year? Spiders and Wasps are the worst. But... unfortunately, my flag pole 
is now the weather station mount (wireless version) and it's too far away to 
mount my multiple GPS antennas. 

I run both Weather Display and VWS (and a LOT of other software for the 
weather station)... what are you running? Do you know of anyway to sync the 
timestamps of the weather station to a Thunderbolt? 

73 Brice KA8MAV 

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