[time-nuts] Upgrading old Thunderbolt?

Bob Camp lists at rtty.us
Sat Sep 25 00:18:55 UTC 2010


The new-er ocxo's are available on the e place for about $50. Replacement tbolts are $60 to$120 on the same site. The ocxo's all look like they will swap with each other.


On Sep 24, 2010, at 3:49 PM, David Martindale <dave.martindale at gmail.com> wrote:

> Suppose I have an old Thunderbolt that works, but has the old Piezo
> OCXO.  Is it feasible to upgrade it "in place" by obtaining one of the
> newer Trimble oscillators from somewhere (or something equally good
> that fits mechanically)?  Does the Trimble OCXO need different
> operating parameters than the Piezo one (e.g. gain)?
> (I have seen John Miles' page
> <http://www.thegleam.com/ke5fx/tbolt.htm> that describes replacing the
> old OCXO with a HP 10811.  But that won't fit in the original case and
> requires an extra power supply voltage.  If I need to buy a better
> OCXO anyway, why not one that fits the available space and operates
> from the available power?)
> Or would it just make sense to buy a more recent Thunderbolt for $200?
>     Dave
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