[time-nuts] Yes, Virginia, $200 5370B's do happen

gary lists at lazygranch.com
Fri Jan 7 06:14:07 UTC 2011

I made a somewhat similar deal on ebay. The ad was for a Radio Shack 
Pro-2042. The photo was for the Opto Electronics version of the radio, 
which added a serial port for computer control. The only problem was 
another bidder noticed the same thing. I got it, though at a premium 
over the stock radio, but well under what the Opto version sold for.

You do run the risk of some volume seller not photographing the unit 
they are selling you. I had that happen once, though it was in my favor. 
It was for a minicircuits splitter than showed TNC  in the phonto, but 
was shipped with BNC. The seller never answered my emails, so I just 
kept it.

I also had a totally different situation where they sent me a damn 
expensive low leakage semiconductor test fixture for an HP instrument I 
own. It was an insanely expensive mistake. When I emailed the seller, he 
was thrilled since he had no idea who got the unit. All he knew was the 
person that wanted the fixture was screaming bloody murder and 
threatening police action.

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