[time-nuts] Yes, Virginia, $200 5370B's do happen

Darrell darrell at shaw.ca
Sat Jan 8 02:48:19 UTC 2011

I also had a similar find on eBay.  I snagged a Tektronix PG 508 pulse 
generator that I got for about the same price as shipping (approx $50) 
because the 'Control Error' light was on.  Sure enough, the close-up 
pictures were good enough to show that the risetime/falltime etc. 
settings were incompatible and the error light had lit.


On 11-01-06 03:38 PM, Bob Bownes wrote:
> After the discussion a few weeks ago, I started looking for a 5370. In
> answer to the question about affordable 5370's, yes, there are sub $200
> 5370's out there. I just acquired one from eBay. Listed as 'won't power up'.
> Close look at the pictures showed intact Agilent calibration stickers on the
> top/bottom covers, HPIB cable cut off, and possibly, just possibly, the
> faint shadow of the 110/220 card set to 220. Figured it was worth a shot, so
> I esniped it for $154 + $45 in shipping.

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