[time-nuts] Archiving Data

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Fri Jan 7 21:48:38 UTC 2011

Seems to me there's at least three things going on.

1. People need meaningful work. It is more satisfying to re-invent
from ignorance than to learn that something has been done several
times before. Either way, the effect on the orbits of stars is
not measurable. It only matters to a human.

2. Yes, we can no longer build a Saturn 5 rocket, but why would we
want to? Technology moved on, and we still ride the crest of the
wave, even as some seek the bleeding edge. Does anyone seriously
believe that hidden or destroyed in Tesla's papers is the secret
for a death ray? Anyone that understands the laws of physics, that

3. Most human brains are genetically programmed to detect loss of a
mate, or children, or helpful friends. If not, we wouldn't notice,
and lose chances for survival. This sense of loss gets connected
to other brain areas to a variable extent.

I hate to lose useful or clever artifacts, and so my basement has
spilled over into a storage locker. Now I'm at an age where I can't
keep them because they'll be hauled to the dump when I die. Others
do not share my love for those things. Who would pay the shipping
for a fine old Tektronix 500 series scope?

Anybody that's tried to invent categories for things knows that it
isn't perfect. What I'd file under one name, someone else would
file under another if there were any ambiguity at all.

Google shows that data might as well be buried in some salt cave
unless you can come up with the key words that will find it.

Thanks for caring, Perrier, but humans aren't capable of storing
everything so it can be retrieved. Especially not when languages
are different.

George Shultz (Peanuts) did a cartoon of Snoopy saying, "Sometimes
I've just got to bite a cat." Next panel, "But then I just lie down
and forget about it." Last panel, "That's real maturity."

Not saying any one is immature, just that feelings pass as life
goes on.

Bill Hawkins

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From: Perry Sandeen
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I apologize in advance for my long posting

-------- apology accepted ---------

So where am I going with all this?  Glad you asked.

No one knows if their or others data will lead to a new discovery or
process.  Da Vinci certainly didn't.  It can however; lead to learning that
can then can be taken to the next level of knowledge and invention.

Words cannot express my gratefulness to those who have taken the
considerable effort and expense to post science information and support
technical lists such as this on the net as well as the posters who have
kindly shared their knowledge with us.

I just hope it doesn't get lost.

End of Rant.  I now get off my soapbox and return you to your normal



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