[time-nuts] T-Bolts object to being dropped.....

Michael Baker mpb45 at clanbaker.org
Sat Jan 8 14:11:02 UTC 2011

   Hello, Time Nutters....
   Last week I was rearranging gear
   on a shelf over my workbench. I managed
   to knock my T-bolt off the shelf and onto
   the top of the workbench, about a 20-inch
   fall.  After I finished calling myself a
   $#@$%&*#@ idiot, I hooked it back up and,
   just as I feared, there was a "BAD OSCILLATOR"
   warning and something about an "OSCILLATOR
   AGE" warning.  There was no oscillator
   output.  AAAARRRRggghhhh....
   Taking it apart to see what I could find, I
   noted that the OCXO WAS running, but apparently
   so far off that no lock occurred.
   Thinking I had nothing to lose, I considered
   removing the access screw over the oscillator
   tweaking adjustment and seeing if I could
   resurrect it, but decided I had done enough
   damage for the day and went back into the house
   whimpering over the demise of my T-bolt.
   However, the next day, it had recovered all on its
   own, at least enough that there was normal
   output, although the steering voltage was nearly
   at its limit.  Over the following week, it
   slowly recovered and appears now to be back to
   normal with all parameters right where they
   used to be. No permanent damage seems to have
   been done....
   Mike Baker

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