[time-nuts] T-Bolts object to being dropped.....

Raj vu2zap at gmail.com
Sat Jan 8 14:21:07 UTC 2011

I wonder what could have caused this? Other than the xtals, what could be shock sensitive I wonder!

At 08-01-2011, you wrote:
>   Hello, Time Nutters....
>   Last week I was rearranging gear
>   on a shelf over my workbench. I managed
>   to knock my T-bolt off the shelf and onto
>   the top of the workbench, about a 20-inch
>   fall.  After I finished calling myself a
>   $#@$%&*#@ idiot, I hooked it back up and,
>   just as I feared, there was a "BAD OSCILLATOR"
>   warning and something about an "OSCILLATOR
>   AGE" warning.  There was no oscillator
>   output.  AAAARRRRggghhhh....
>   Taking it apart to see what I could find, I
>   noted that the OCXO WAS running, but apparently
>   so far off that no lock occurred.
>   Thinking I had nothing to lose, I considered
>   removing the access screw over the oscillator
>   tweaking adjustment and seeing if I could
>   resurrect it, but decided I had done enough
>   damage for the day and went back into the house
>   whimpering over the demise of my T-bolt.
>   However, the next day, it had recovered all on its
>   own, at least enough that there was normal
>   output, although the steering voltage was nearly
>   at its limit.  Over the following week, it
>   slowly recovered and appears now to be back to
>   normal with all parameters right where they
>   used to be. No permanent damage seems to have
>   been done....
>   Mike Baker

Bangalore, India. 

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