[time-nuts] CS reservoir depletion

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 14 01:25:54 UTC 2011

> Also, I already have it in the garage and does not feel overly scared by
> it. I also have some Americum in a smoke-detector. There is also uranium
> in the ground, causing background radiation.

yes, all true, but this is what causes my wife to worry that she will 
come home from work and find a crew in bunny suits outside our house.

When I was an undergrad at UCLA, the local chapter of the Committee to 
Bridge the Gap made radiation measurements on the roof of Boelter Hall 
(wherein there was a decommissioned reactor) and discovered "bigger than 
nominal background" .  Their excitement was tempered when it was 
discovered that the aggregate used in the concrete was granite from from 
the local mountains, which has a moderately high concentration of 
hornblende, and, hence has about double the usual background emissions.

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