[time-nuts] CS reservoir depletion

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Fri Jan 14 01:43:10 UTC 2011

On 14/01/11 02:25, jimlux wrote:
>> Also, I already have it in the garage and does not feel overly scared by
>> it. I also have some Americum in a smoke-detector. There is also uranium
>> in the ground, causing background radiation.
> yes, all true, but this is what causes my wife to worry that she will
> come home from work and find a crew in bunny suits outside our house.
> When I was an undergrad at UCLA, the local chapter of the Committee to
> Bridge the Gap made radiation measurements on the roof of Boelter Hall
> (wherein there was a decommissioned reactor) and discovered "bigger than
> nominal background" . Their excitement was tempered when it was
> discovered that the aggregate used in the concrete was granite from from
> the local mountains, which has a moderately high concentration of
> hornblende, and, hence has about double the usual background emissions.

Having had a party in Swedens first reactor R1, now de-commissioned 
research and educational reactor, I kind of should have worried before. 
Fact is... radiation wise it is one of the safer places to be, as they 
have measured every square meter separately to ensure that it is only 
background radiation left. They now use that reactor hall for dance and 
music performances. Quite central in Stocholm actually...

We are straying too far away I fear. End story is that the small amounts 
of Rubidium we play with isn't very dangerous radiation-wise. I worry 
more about the fact that it would not be too nice to have direct contact 
with it as it reacts hefty with water and the result of that isn't all 
that nice. There is a thad of toxity too, but not very severly. I worry 
more about the fumes from the PCBs I solder and the lead in the 
solder... but usually not much at all.

It seems like suitable lasers for pumping Rubidium can be found cheap... 
on ebay. Nice reference:
Points to Sharp GH0781JA2C, datasheet
2,80 USD each on ebay... well, why not get some and play a little?


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