[time-nuts] CS reservoir depletion

J. Forster jfor at quik.com
Fri Jan 14 02:07:14 UTC 2011


That's a very interesting paper. It has some interesting stuff on the
vacuum techniuque that's needed for Rb or more for Cs.

Do you know if anybody has actually built / is selling a Rb with a diode
light source, rather than the bulb?




> It seems like suitable lasers for pumping Rubidium can be found cheap...
> on ebay. Nice reference:
> http://massey.dur.ac.uk/resources/pfgriffin/griffin_thesis.pdf
> Points to Sharp GH0781JA2C, datasheet
> http://www.chipcatalog.com/Sharp_Microelectronics/GH0781JA2C.htm
> 2,80 USD each on ebay... well, why not get some and play a little?
> Cheers,
> Magnus

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