[time-nuts] CS reservoir depletion

EWKehren at aol.com EWKehren at aol.com
Sun Jan 16 12:01:19 UTC 2011

Having two HP CBT's minus enclosure sitting on my window sill, allow me to  
ad my two cents worth. Looking at the assemblies I see more art than  
science and duplicating something like that would most likely end in  failure. 
Comparing that to the previous H Maser discussions the collective know  how 
and resources of the list could maybe result in a  Maser.
As to refurbishing tubes some of us have discussed that off line and  in  
my opinion with proper tools and equipment cleaning and replacing  cesium is 
doable. Cynics say the manufacturers of tubes could do it but rather  sell 
only new ones since they are the only source of the much more expensive new  
tube. I think that is only half the story.
The reason in my opinion why refurbishing the tube is commercially not  
viable is you have to ask: when done what do you really have? You have not  
eliminated some of the failure modes, in the case of the 5071 the data in the  
EPROM does not necessarily reflect the tube and who could say how long the 
tube  would last? A crap shoot.
I have a HP 5061 B and a HP 5062 C but eventually want to replace them  
totally with a Tbolt-Rb-HP 10811 combination using two digital loops that are  
tailored to  the devices. I am now focusing  on the thermal management  in 
order to get maximum performance. There is work going on by some members of  
the list to develop more sophisticated digital loops. Lets face it, with GPS 
 properly  used, having a Cesium Standard will give you the warm feeling  
that you have a primary standard.
By the way that is why I repeatedly have asked the list if there is any  
long term Tbolt data out there comparing the 1 PPS or the 10 MHz with a  Maser.
I hope this is worth two cents.
Bert Kehren

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