[time-nuts] CS reservoir depletion

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Sun Jan 16 17:17:48 UTC 2011

> By the way that is why I repeatedly have asked the list if there is any  
> long term Tbolt data out there comparing the 1 PPS or the 10 MHz with a  Maser.
> I hope this is worth two cents.
> Bert Kehren


Here's a 4+ day run between a TBolt 10 MHz and maser.
Phase samples are 1 Hz, units are seconds. The arbitrary
frequency and phase offset have been removed.



     1 1.3349e-012
    10 4.8781e-012
   100 8.8310e-012
  1000 2.9840e-012
 10000 4.0155e-013
 86400 4.8494e-014
100000 3.9650e-014

If you need more info let me know.


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