[time-nuts] power spectrum of hard limiter output

ehydra ehydra at arcor.de
Fri Jan 28 02:33:36 UTC 2011

Magnus Danielson schrieb:
> On 27/01/11 20:19, ehydra wrote:
>> I found chapter Appendix 7A "Analysis of interference in a hard limiter"
>> There is a half page with a couple of formulas. Not much, not
>> practically oriented. Only idealized hard-limiters.
>> I'm interested in SOFT-limiters!
> Jim's problem was with a hard-limiter so what I tossed his way was 
> relevant to him.

I must say 'soft-limiter' is new to me, too! Sorry for pirate a thread.

> For soft-limiters, papers like this may be of assistance:
> http://webs.wichita.edu/depttools/depttoolsmemberfiles/ECE/Kwon%20Wireless/95Aug.pdf 

Interesting. 4dB below limit.

>> Hm. Does the writer seen a real working system once upon in time?
> Yes. What defines a working system is however covering a lot of systems 
> and particulars of some systems can cover many books on its own without 
> making other things irrelevant.

He he. We have many nonsense amateur info on the Web. Then many 
theoretical papers. A small gap between is useful for the practical 
oriented people. Unfortunately, this gap is just to slim.

I find it more and more curious a working concept not to find in the 
I-net. I'm looking several weeks. Maybe wrong keywords.

- Henry

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