[time-nuts] power spectrum of hard limiter output

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Fri Jan 28 05:35:31 UTC 2011

On 28/01/11 03:33, ehydra wrote:
> Magnus Danielson schrieb:
>> On 27/01/11 20:19, ehydra wrote:
>>> I found chapter Appendix 7A "Analysis of interference in a hard limiter"
>>> There is a half page with a couple of formulas. Not much, not
>>> practically oriented. Only idealized hard-limiters.
>>> I'm interested in SOFT-limiters!
>> Jim's problem was with a hard-limiter so what I tossed his way was
>> relevant to him.
> I must say 'soft-limiter' is new to me, too! Sorry for pirate a thread.
>> For soft-limiters, papers like this may be of assistance:
>> http://webs.wichita.edu/depttools/depttoolsmemberfiles/ECE/Kwon%20Wireless/95Aug.pdf
> Interesting. 4dB below limit.
>>> Hm. Does the writer seen a real working system once upon in time?
>> Yes. What defines a working system is however covering a lot of
>> systems and particulars of some systems can cover many books on its
>> own without making other things irrelevant.
> He he. We have many nonsense amateur info on the Web. Then many
> theoretical papers. A small gap between is useful for the practical
> oriented people. Unfortunately, this gap is just to slim.
> I find it more and more curious a working concept not to find in the
> I-net. I'm looking several weeks. Maybe wrong keywords.

Well, have you considered what an AGC might do for you?
It has been the traditional way of reducing the effect of signal level 
on phase-detector gain and hence on the loop gain. The hard-limiter text 
is to be seen in this context where the SNR steers the compression 
factor, i.e. change of loop gain.


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