[time-nuts] 10MHz to 80MHz frequency multiplier suggestions

Elio Corbolante eliocor at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 17:48:46 UTC 2011

Chris Albertson wrote:
> Does a A/D converter really need a GPS controlled clock?
>In this case where exact precision is not required you could use a
>4046 phase lock loop chip. You set the VCO for 80Mhz then divide that
>by 8 and feed it back to the chip.[...]
>If you go this route, I think the 80 Mhz signal will be good enough to
>clock an A/D but maybe not for use as an 80Mhz precision frequency

I'd prefer to multiply the clock because I'd like to have also a very low
phase noise:
the A/D is the one in the Perseus receiver (Direct sampling SDR receiver) <
http://www.microtelecom.it/perseus/> and for measurement purposes I'd like
to have it "spot on" frequency.
As you can imagine, being for a receiver, the low phase noise is a

_    Elio.

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