[time-nuts] GPS interference and history...

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Thu Jun 9 23:19:25 UTC 2011


One of the blurbs on Lightsquared talks about them teaming up with Sprint. The simple answer is that yes indeed these gizmos will show up on Sprint cell towers. It's not clear what they will do in areas that Sprint does not have a footprint. It does cut down their real estate requirements quite a bit though. It also means they can roll this beast out pretty fast.


On Jun 9, 2011, at 5:18 PM, Jason Rabel wrote:

> So back to my original question (I didn't mean to spark such a debate)...
> These 40,000 transmitter towers... Are they merely talking about attaching their antennas on existing cell towers or totally new
> deployment?
> FWIW, perhaps there wouldn't be as much of a fiasco if every other navigation and timing technology didn't get phased out in favor
> of GPS... There literally is no backup sans a fold-out map or sun-dial... To say it is 'key' or 'critical' is an understatement.
> Likewise, I don't like the idea of existing L1 devices becoming scrap to merely support someone's cell phone / broadband addiction.
> There's too much hardware out there to make replacement impractical short of a decade long transition period. Even then during that
> transition period lord only knows how many millions (billions?) of dollars it will cost to replace / retrofit existing hardware.
> Who's going to pay for all that?
> If I can put a $5 filter on my incoming antenna line to make it reduce most interference from L^2 and I loose maybe one satellite
> out of eight visible, I'll be content with that... If I have to put a $100 filter to pray I can get signal for an hour a day...
> Well... L^2 is going to have mysterious constant hardware failures in this area.
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