[time-nuts] 60 Hz measurement party

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Well, I guess my response to your invitation to comment won't be any worse 
than "pip" time.   I live in a rural area where this so-called "stray 
voltage" was a problem for years.   I guess no "real electrician" ever said 
anything because everyone was certain that a solution to such an obvious 
problem would be known to everyone "tomorrow."   But it never happened! 
And this so-called "mystery" went on for years!   And one day I got a phone 
call from my neighbor, "horse Bob" saying that his horses couldn't drink 
from the water tank.   He was certain that they were receiving a "shock" as 
soon as their noses touched the water.

I went down to his "paddock" and installed enough grounds to overcome the 
general lack of such on his property and then went home.   The horses were 
drinking normally.   A couple of hours later he called and said "the problem 
is back."   A puzzled me went for another visit and discovered that he had 
removed all of my grounding provisions.   When I asked him why he had done 
that I was informed that "those wires and rods are unsightly."

Lee   K9WRU
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> Hmmm. The "Single Wire Earth Return" scheme seems like a great cause for 
> the
> stray voltage that affects farmers:
> http://articles.ky3.com/2011-03-18/stray-voltage_29143748
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> Did it sound like this:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single-wire_earth_return
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