[time-nuts] No more 60Hz! TEC Elimination

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Mon Jun 27 15:39:04 UTC 2011

In message <4E086D33.6040701 at ozindfw.net>, Oz-in-DFW writes:
>On 6/24/2011 9:20 PM, Will Matney wrote:
>> However, I should have
>> said, one should never run a 60 Hz transformer, or motor, on the same line
>> voltage it was rated for at a lower 50 Hz.
>Most modern commodity transformers for electronic power supplies are
>specified for rated performance from 47 to 63 Hz.

The only thing I know of, apart from clocks, that you should not run
on the wrong frequency are oldfashioned mechanical shavers.

If it has a motor you're fine, but if it just has a magnet and a
coil and relies on mechanical resonance: don't even think about it.

Anything else:  Just plug it in, after you checked the 110/200 V setting.

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