[time-nuts] Three Phase Power

jim s jws at jwsss.com
Tue Jun 28 02:04:26 UTC 2011

On 6/27/2011 6:33 PM, Will Matney wrote:
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> I'll leave a parting shot at AEP on this. When I closed up the building I
> had the shop in, I went down to our AEP office at the time, and paid off my
> bill, the day after I had them to put a boot on the meter, and a new seal
> on it. It was read that day. Well, the next month, I get another bill, and
> I take it to AEP, and ask what's up, and show them a time stamped photo of
> the meter, with the seal and boot still on it. They had the audacity to
> tell me, that it still must have been something using the power, and the
> meter had been read, but it had never been tampered with. Now, you tell me
> what happened? I never paid that bill either. My guess, it all revolved
> around the meter reader.
> Best,
> Will
If this was in a building with a landlord showing the unit, it may be 
that they never put the power back in their names, trying to be cheap 
bastards.   Did you go back and read it to see if the meter had any 
power on it, or just take their word for it.  Once you cut off your 
responsibility, it doesnt' matter much what they say, it is going to be 
their problem, not yours.

The power company did nothing when I cut off service, and the power was 
still on for some days after I vacated, but my bill was last and final, 
and I don't know who got the bill for the extras.

Other possibility is that you were being leeched off of all the time you 
were in the shop, and when you pulled out all your stuff, the leech was 
still hooked up.  I'd actually be a bit more curious if this was the 
case, as I'd like to get back part of all of my billing for the entire 
time I was in the unit.


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