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No, when I bought the property, I rewired the entire building, all the way
to the meter itself, so there was no chance of a leech. Also, I sold the
building to a local concrete mfg., and they didn't have the keys until just
after this happened. Plus, the boot insulates the meter from the connectors
in the base, and it had the same unbroken seal on it, that I watched the
guy place, as the power was disconnected that day.

We think it happened here in our neighborhood too. Things weren't jiving
right with our bills, and several of us starting making our own readings.
We did this over six months, but when confronted, AEP claimed it was due to
estimation, but the so-called reading was different from ours on each bill,
and an estimation is supposed to be no longer than three months, or they
told us. Next, I actually looked into the legality of placing an enclosure
over the meter, with a lid on it, and the the reader would have to lift it
in order to read it. If he had been there, and read the meter, it would
show it by a re-setable LED burning inside the house. Now, you can buy dear
cameras, and if somebody walks in front of the meter, you get a photo of
it, but at the time, they weren't out. What we also found, was that we had
the same meter reader here, that was supposed to do the area just up the
road, where my shop was located.

What several of us think, is that this meter reader, at the time of this,
was out doing who knows what, and was using old meter readings that had
been made, and just writing those down, while never visiting the meters. In
a similar case, they caught a guy here, seeing his sweetheart, while
supposedly reading meters for the water company, and he was fired. AEP,
though, never investigated this, that we know of, and that was around 15
years ago, but we have no problems now, that we know of.

Things like this, make me think, that these smart meters need to be
policed, if we don't want to end up being royaly screwed. Making sure the
timing is correct, on any of the meters, is the same as demanding
calibration for any piece of equipment like scales, etc, and it ought ot be
done more, since money changes hands.



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On 6/27/2011 at 7:04 PM jim s wrote:

>On 6/27/2011 6:33 PM, Will Matney wrote:
>> <snip>
>> I'll leave a parting shot at AEP on this. When I closed up the building
>> had the shop in, I went down to our AEP office at the time, and paid off
>> bill, the day after I had them to put a boot on the meter, and a new
>> on it. It was read that day. Well, the next month, I get another bill,
>> I take it to AEP, and ask what's up, and show them a time stamped photo
>> the meter, with the seal and boot still on it. They had the audacity to
>> tell me, that it still must have been something using the power, and the
>> meter had been read, but it had never been tampered with. Now, you tell
>> what happened? I never paid that bill either. My guess, it all revolved
>> around the meter reader.
>> Best,
>> Will
>If this was in a building with a landlord showing the unit, it may be 
>that they never put the power back in their names, trying to be cheap 
>bastards.   Did you go back and read it to see if the meter had any 
>power on it, or just take their word for it.  Once you cut off your 
>responsibility, it doesnt' matter much what they say, it is going to be 
>their problem, not yours.
>The power company did nothing when I cut off service, and the power was 
>still on for some days after I vacated, but my bill was last and final, 
>and I don't know who got the bill for the extras.
>Other possibility is that you were being leeched off of all the time you 
>were in the shop, and when you pulled out all your stuff, the leech was 
>still hooked up.  I'd actually be a bit more curious if this was the 
>case, as I'd like to get back part of all of my billing for the entire 
>time I was in the unit.
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