[time-nuts] 8560E DC Coupling phase noise measurements

Loïc MOREAU Loic.MOREAU at eai.fr
Tue Oct 25 20:00:41 UTC 2011

In the process of measuring phase noise with a 'demphano' gear,  I am a bit reluctant to connect  my 8560E in DC mode to get 30 Hz low frequency sensitivity:  the SA input is very sensitive to DC voltage and may  be  destroyed by a voltage larger than 200mV.

 So with a LNA having no blocking DC output I would like to know the best way to protect the SA.

I suppose that putting a 100µF capacitor between LNA and SA is not especially a good idea as a charged capacitor to DC rail may have the same effect that no caps at all.

I am looking for some advice in that domain to pursue phase noise measurements,  for now I connect the SA with a caution after PLL lock and measuring the SA input with a DC voltmeter before switching to DC SA input  but this mode of operation is a bit frightening.

Any idea ?


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