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	One big difference is that when most of the butane leaked out and
air leaked in, you'd get a very clear indication when arcs occur.  I
wouldn't want to be holding it.

	I think Tek degrades the P6015 to 13kV without Freon - enough for my
needs.  Maybe someone will find out that Home Depot Bathtub Selant #17 has a
breakdown of 60kV and we can all do one last refill...


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On 09/21/2011 04:57 AM, David C. Partridge wrote:
> Howsabout HFC-236fa - very similar properties to R114 but not banned. 

>> Tektronix used a Freon in their 40 KV High Voltage probes. The Vapor 
>> pressure of some of those compounds is low at 70F, but they do have to 
>> be sealed.

I use several of the Tek probes in my work (and of course am too cheap
to buy the newer solid dielectric ones).  When my freon ran out, I
searched around for a replacement fluid and found ordinary butane
straight from the Ronsonol can to be equal to or maybe even better than
the original freon.

About a decade ago I wrote up a procedure on how to do the fill without
introducing condensate into the chamber.  I posted it to Usenet.  I
think that it's archived at http://yarchive.net.


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