[time-nuts] Open source GPSDO

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Thu Dec 6 22:07:16 UTC 2012

The Open Source tool chain is generally GCC, its libraries,
and debuggers.

Closed source use of the GCC tool chain is done all the time,
but there are numerous gotchas that catch the unwary.  Some of
the libraries are covered by the Lesser GPL license, and as
such are available for that kind of use, others are not.  This
is why there is a seemingly never ending stream of legal
challenges to GPL violators.

Which is why I was very careful to say: "May be in violation..."

But since he is using microsloth compilers, and is charging
for access to the source and executable code, his project isn't
OpenSource in any respect.

-Chuck Harris

David Kirkby wrote:

> As a reader of the gcc mailing lists, it is a fairly common question
> on there, from people who want to use gcc for closed-source software,
> but are not sure if it legal to do so. The answer is yes, you can use
> gcc for commerical closed-source software.
> Dave

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