[time-nuts] Synergy SSR-6TR

Robert LaJeunesse rlajeunesse at sbcglobal.net
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Any chance you can buy it in your name and have it shipped somewhere in the 
States? That person then can forward it without losing their chance to get one 
as well. I have no experience shipping overseas but will second Bert's 
suggestion plus volunteer myself to do it, if need be. How can you trust me? 
Well, if you are not happy let our Febo host John Ackermann know and he'll beat 
me up at the next Dayton Hamvention....

Bob LaJeunesse 

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The Synergy SSR-T6R timing GPS is indeed available for $35 on a one off
basis. Shipping is about $10. The very best way to order is from:
Gina Aspeytia

However, the cheapest shipping they could manage to the UK was around $60, 
making it not such good value for money.  Another parcel sent to me by a 
Time-Nuts member was less than $10 postage, so I did ask whether they might just 
walk down to their local post office and send a packet that way, but they only 
deal with the main-stream couriers.

I had almost considered asking a Time-Nuts member to order one for me, as it's a 
nice unit.

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