[time-nuts] Synergy SSR-6TR

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Dec 14 17:07:50 UTC 2012


Any chance you can buy it in your name and have it shipped somewhere in the
States? That person then can forward it without losing their chance to get 
as well. I have no experience shipping overseas but will second Bert's
suggestion plus volunteer myself to do it, if need be. How can you trust me?
Well, if you are not happy let our Febo host John Ackermann know and he'll 
me up at the next Dayton Hamvention....

Bob LaJeunesse


Many thanks for your offer - that's mist kind of you.  As it happens, I've 
just accepted an offer from someone else who will just buy for himself and 
reship.  As Synergy are very kind in making the offer, I didn't want to 
complicate things for them by having a different purchase and shipping 

I've never been to a Dayton Hamvention but it sounds like I would a few 
folks a beer if I did!

David GM8ARV
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