[time-nuts] Just for Fun - Synergy Systems SSR-6T PPS Comparison

Don Latham djl at montana.com
Thu Dec 20 06:44:01 UTC 2012

Hi David: I got my new SSR-6T today, quite prompt. I can't find a darn
thing about pinout or anything else on the Synergy site, nor can I
produce anything from Boogle. Where did you find the info? I have a call
in to Synergy, but I'm just wondering...

David Martin
> A Day in the Life of Five PPS Sources..
> This probably does not qualify as a regular TimeNuts submission as there
> are no Tau's or 10^-12ths but I could not resist a simple scope capture
> of
> the Pulse Per Second output of my new SSR-6t toy from Synergy Systems as
> it
> performed its first right-out-of-the box site survey.
> See http://youtu.be/kOG9ImT2lvY
> This is video is a two minute replay of the PPS behavior of two PRS-10s,
> two TBolts, and the SSR-6t during it's initial 24 hour site survey.
> The scope captured the relationship of all five PPS outputs at one frame
> per second.  The video clip replays 24 hours of captures at 1000 frames
> per
> second. The whole day's PPS behavior is replayed in under two minutes.
> The Scope is externally triggered from a PRS-10 that
> is actively disciplined from a TBolt PPS.  The Yellow Trace is a second
> PRS-10 that is also actively disciplined from the same TBolt.  Hence the
> trigger point (center of screen) and the Yellow Trace compare the two
> PRS-10s that have been running in parallel for a couple of months.
> The Magenta Trace and the Blue Trace are two other TBolts. (These traces
> have the nice sharp risetime )
> Everybody is fed from a common antenna via a mini-circuits splitter.
> The Light Blue Trace is the new SSR-6t running in navigation mode. The
> spreading of the Light Blue Trace is the usual sawtooth dance that most
> raw
> GPS PPS outputs display -- The playback rate just smears all the
> individual
> sawtooth steps into a pretty waterfall.
> This is not intended to be a "scientific" submission but I hope someone
> finds it entertaining and enlightening view of the instantaneous PPS
> behavior of these devices.
> Dave
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