[time-nuts] A Day in the Life of Five PPS Sources..

David Martin drmartin at ivietechnologies.com
Thu Dec 20 15:50:54 UTC 2012

>Any idea of what drove the larger drift between the Tbolts and the
>PRS10 at 1:26 through1:29?

>Be interesting (to me at least) too see the same post survey.  Neat idea.


The stack of TBolts is located in the corner of an unheated basement
"shop". There is no direct heating vent to cause direct air flow to the
PRS-10s and the TBolts.  The three TBolts are sitting one on top of the
other making a nice warm stack with the one in the middle somewhat
temperature isolated from the room by the heat from the ones on top and
below it.....

The excursion event seems to coincide with the afternoon "return from work"
furnace activity.  The house uses a set back thermostat that keeps the
empty house at a lower temperature during the day.  It then preheats the
house to a more normal temperature before I come home from work.  This
event is a fairly long continuous run of the furnace.

The TBolt room contains the duct work to the rest of the house but no
direct air outlets.

I'm surprised that the warm TBolt stack responds so dramatically to a
little "draft" heat from the furnace duct nearby and the vent a room away.

The Timing Mode capture is in process.  It will be fun for me to see the
difference in Timing Mode vs Navigation Mode...

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