[time-nuts] A Day in the Life of Five PPS Sources..

paul swed paulswedb at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 19:28:22 UTC 2012

So that makes them double oven then. Plus who says your basements cold.
I hate to bring this up. But which Rigol did you use. I know this topic was
beat to death 6 months ago.

On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 10:50 AM, David Martin <
drmartin at ivietechnologies.com> wrote:

> >Any idea of what drove the larger drift between the Tbolts and the
> >PRS10 at 1:26 through1:29?
> >Be interesting (to me at least) too see the same post survey.  Neat idea.
> >Brent
> The stack of TBolts is located in the corner of an unheated basement
> "shop". There is no direct heating vent to cause direct air flow to the
> PRS-10s and the TBolts.  The three TBolts are sitting one on top of the
> other making a nice warm stack with the one in the middle somewhat
> temperature isolated from the room by the heat from the ones on top and
> below it.....
> The excursion event seems to coincide with the afternoon "return from work"
> furnace activity.  The house uses a set back thermostat that keeps the
> empty house at a lower temperature during the day.  It then preheats the
> house to a more normal temperature before I come home from work.  This
> event is a fairly long continuous run of the furnace.
> The TBolt room contains the duct work to the rest of the house but no
> direct air outlets.
> I'm surprised that the warm TBolt stack responds so dramatically to a
> little "draft" heat from the furnace duct nearby and the vent a room away.
> The Timing Mode capture is in process.  It will be fun for me to see the
> difference in Timing Mode vs Navigation Mode...
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