[time-nuts] Re Brooks Shera

Merv Thomas vk6bmt at iinet.net.au
Fri Dec 21 06:15:15 UTC 2012


I was fortunate enough to deal with Brooks just before he became difficult 
to contact.  I built his GPSDO which works very well and I have the 4.02 
programmed PIC but unfortunately it has the code protection enabled so I 
have been unable to copy it.

I tried through every avenue possible to get him to release the source code 
but was unable to get a response and I realized that after speaking with him 
on the phone that his mind was very frail - he said he would email it to me 
but nothing ever came.

I did manage to get the code for the version just prior to 4.02 and can 
program a PIC with it but I will need to find the code in the new year to be 
able to do this.  It is not as good as the latest version.

In my dealings with Brooks I found him to be a very helpful person and like 
others I think he deserves a lot of credit from us all for what he provided 
in the form of his GPSDO.

I will send another letter to his wife to pass on my condolences.  It is 
tragic to lose one's mental faculties but it can happen to some of us as we 

73 de Merv  VK6BMT 

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