[time-nuts] HP5334B with 10544 OCXO

Roy Phillips phill.r1 at btinternet.com
Fri Feb 3 14:29:30 UTC 2012

Thanks to Dave and Randall - - yes I did discover the "change-over" 
instructions, and hope to make the change over the week-end.

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> There is a section in the HP5334 Service manual on changes needed.
> The oscillator uses either the internal crystal (The trimmer is
> connected to) or the 10811.
> Basically you change a capacitor feeding from one to the other.
> I could scan the appropriate pages if you need (Contact me off list).
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> Mark
> By chance I have just today installed a recently acquired 10554 OCXO
> into my HP 5334B Counter.  Its has been running for 5 hours and is
> yet to stabilize - my Manual suggest that 24 hours is the required
> time. Despite reading the manual, I cannot see any reference to the
> change over from the "low grade" inbuilt oscillator - is this
> automatic or does it require a jumper alteration.  I seem to recall
> that Rick Karlquist  referred to a voltage "droop" in the PSU
> occurring, due to the additional load of the oven as a consequence of
> fitting the OCXO to the 5334B.  I assume that this is when the oven
> is taking maximum current - perhaps he will offer some help (again)
> as I cannot find his earlier comments ?  I note that the rear
> "simple" oscillators trimmer is still operative - should this be so
> ?, or is it indicative to a need to disconnect it ?
> Again, any comments would be appreciated.
> Regards
> Roy

Installation of Option 010 is basically removing capacitor C8 and
reinstalling it into the holes designated for C100.  Install the 10544
oscillator into the receptacle, secure with appropriate screws and you're
all set.  C8 and C100 are located very close to the standard (low-stability)
crystal at the rear of the main board.

Dave M
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