[time-nuts] science projects

Steve . iteration69 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 08:47:49 UTC 2012

> The best inventions are the ones that nobody ever thought to ask for. If
> Edison had done marketing studies, he would have spent his life designing
> incremental improvements to gas lights. Nobody asked him to invent the
>  electric light.

First let me say that what I'm about to write is completely nit picking,
but this something i feel i have to do. :)

Edison did not invent the electric light, Humphrey Davy was credited in the
early 1800's for the electric arc light so obviously Edison has simply
improved the electric light.

I believe a more accurate statement in this regard would be something such
as "Edison created a longer lasting electric light". Even this is subject
to debate as there were at least five others between Davy and Edison who
attempted to build a longer lasting light. All of the work of these men
were published in the scientific journals and i suspect that Edison was
well aware of the previous work.

The reason i mention this is because i believe that science and engineering
are of the same phenomena, and this phenomena is sitting on the shoulders
of many great men. Science / engineer  is just like an electron, one way it
is particle, and another it is wave. Of if you're a quantum type of person,
it exists because you are there to observe it.


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