[time-nuts] science projects

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Fri Feb 10 09:37:32 UTC 2012

> It's the "international science and engineering fair", so both kinds  show
> up.

> The line between applied science and engineering is pretty fuzzy. 

There is another category.  I'm not sure what the right term is.  How about 
"just having fun"?

I think it's neat to see an experiment or demo that is well done.  I expect a 
kid will have fun and learn a lot setting one up.   With luck, some of both 
the fun and learning will rub off on other kids.

I use demo to refer to an experiment that doesn't involve taking data.  You 
just observe that if I do X, Y happens.  Or if I make X bigger, Y gets bigger.

I'm probably biased.  A friend works at the Exploratorium.  For those of you 
who don't know about it, it's the great grandaddy of the hands-on science 
museums.  They have hundreds of exhibits.  It's highly recommended if you 
ever get to San Francisco.

Paul teaches science to high-school science teachers.  A lot of that involves 
showing them low cost experiments/demos.  The teachers are always finding 
new/neat ways to do things.

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