[time-nuts] GPS fade out, Sat/Sun

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Mon Feb 13 04:52:54 UTC 2012

Did anybody else notice nything?  It might have been local noise/RFI.

I'm in California (Silicon Valley).  It was about Sat noon-midnight local 
time, 8PM Sat to 8AM Sun UTC.

A TBolt and Z3801A went into holdover.  The TFOM on the Z3801A jumped up to 4 
for a while.

Most of my low cost GPS/NMEA units gave up.

The thing that clued me in before I looked at the graphs of the log files was 
the bright blue LED on a pair of Sure units stopped blinking.  (It really is 
bright.  I normally run with a sheet of paper on top of them.)

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