[time-nuts] How best to exchange Large files?

Marco IK1ODO -2 ik1odo at spin-it.com
Mon Feb 20 18:14:23 UTC 2012

At 04:07 21-02-12, you wrote:

>Recording high speed and/or long general purpose raw Osc data, the 
>file can become very large.
>I'm looking for a simple, fast and easy (and cheap) way to transfer 
>large compressed data files of up to say a 100 MB between time-nuts.
>I know there are all kinds places one can store large files that 
>others can then have access to,  so I do not want to use the "OLD" 
>way of breaking it up into many small pieces.
>I do not need to do this very often, so I do not want to sign up for 
>any long term thing or maintain a Friends or face book type thing,
>I'm just looking for an easy, temporary way (say lasting up to a 
>week each) to transfer a few big files that are too large to email.
>Suggestions anyone?

Use a dropbox. Easy to use, and free. I just sent a 2.3 GB data file 
to a friend. Took half a day to upload, of course.

Marco IK1ODO

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