[time-nuts] Modified Extron DA [WAS: Rb video]

Charles Steinmetz csteinmetz at yandex.com
Sat Aug 10 06:29:46 EDT 2013

I wrote:

>All of these solutions are for feeding the external reference inputs 
>of various test equipment, radios, etc., not for buffering and 
>isolating signals for serious phase noise or ADEV analysis.

>By the time you design a PC card and have it made, you are way, way 
>beyond "not a lot of effort" for lots of people, to say nothing of 
>the metalwork (even if it is just making new front and back plates 
>for an existing Extron box).  I can do all of that, and I did, but 
>it appears from the on-list interest in video DAs that a lot of time 
>nuts would rather not be bothered.

I guess what I'm saying is if one is going to the effort to build a 
DA from scratch, why build something that is just adequate to 
distribute a reference signal to test equipment and radios?  Why not 
really do it right, and build something that *is* capable of 
buffering and isolating signals for serious phase noise and ADEV analysis?

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