[time-nuts] Needed: The Real Serial USB Fix

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On Aug 24, 2013, at 1:37 AM, David J Taylor <david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:

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> Pardon my interjection …. but.
> For a simple TBolt monitor, *any* OS is total overkill. If all you have is a small / simple display - you can't put much up there. For a monitor you don't have a keyboard / mouse / usb touchpad / Bluetooth presentation wand. Nothing to do and nothing to control.  One big loop and not a lot else will do the trick with lots of time left over. If you want to go crazy, run one of the free RTOS distributions that the semiconductor companies give away. Freescale passes out MQX / MQX-lite. The others have similar "stuff". They all have way more in them than this sort of application requires.
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> Sounds like a job for the Raspberry Pi.  Low-cost, low-power, has serial I/O, and yet can still be programmed in C/C++ or Pascal/Delphi, can run a Web server, so you can perhaps re-use existing code from another OS. Low-cost displays available too.  I'm using one of my RPi cards as a digital wall clock - no keyboard, mouse etc., and can be accessed over the 'net if needed.

Not really. In order to get anything done on a Pi you need a high level OS. It's a very complex part. If the objective is a low power install, the display that the Pi runs will nuke your budget big time. You are using a school bus to haul around one student. Yes it can be done, for an efficient design it's not the way to go. 


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